Where To Place AdSense Ads For Earning The Highest Revenue?

I have seen Google AdSense ads placed at various spots on several sites, including spots that are known to have ad-blindness. In the case of WordPress sites, and other sites that use ready-to-use themes and templates, I find some typical patterns followed by publishers for placing ads. Whether webmasters knowingly do so or not, I […]

Some strange facts about SEO and keywords

How important are keywords for better search engine rankings of your site? Well, this is not a quite new question or answer on the relevance of keywords and keyword phrases. In fact this question has been asked and replied millions of times in as many websites and blogs dealing with the subject, especially when it […]

Venus presents a rare show to stargazers

Video: Stargazers and astronomers have been observing the planet Venus crossing between the Earth and the Sun As anticipated, the stargazers in several regions of the Earth had once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the rare celestial phenomenon of Venus moving across the face of the Sun. The event is also so important for scientists — especially […]

Red-eye effect in photography

This is a picture of a beautiful white cat lazing on a pair of blue jeans carelessly thrown on the floor carpet. Those who have observed the habits of domestic cat know that they may choose the cleanest and the softest of the cloths, bed spreads, etc. to take rest or to sleep on. So, […]

Windows 8 Will Have Only Four Versions

In a blog article on the Windows 8 Editions, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc announced that the next edition of the operating system will come in four versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT, and Windows 8 Enterprise. That is, the new version will have fewer versions compared to Windows 7 that came in six versions. […]

Amazing Nature video

An amazing Video shot by Terje Sorgjerd from Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide, shows the sky and Beautiful view from the mountain top and is termed “The Mountain”. Unfortunately, I had to change the video, which can be viewed here, for some software compatibility issues. In place of that view another video depicting the views […]

Browser Wars get Hotter

Now that all three major players have come out with their latest browser versions, the Battle of the Browsers has just flared up a little more. There is Google chrome version 10, Microsoft IE9 and the Mozilla firefox 4. And the initial outlook is that Microsoft have erred in leaving out the Windows XP users. […]

Nokia E7 – Latest smartphone

The much awaited Nokia E7 is finally out and we did a spec and feature search of this new smart phone which has been pitted against the likes of Samsung Galaxy,Htc touch,Sony’s Experia etc. It has got a 4″ AMOLED touchscreen display with clearback technology for outdoor viewing.Then there are Orientation sensor (Accelerometer), Compass (Magnetometer), […]

Japan Quake and Tsunami

Japan has been dealt a double blow of a devastating earthquake and Tsunami . And within seconds the whole world were witness to the live feeds of the catastrophe thanks to internet and streaming videos . Todays technology has really shrunk the world . No place is far from any one. Coming back to Japan […]

9/11 Attack – New Video

A new video of the World Trade Center attack that was shrouded in mystery has been released. It’s claimed that this video, shot by a NYPD Police helicopter was obtained through Freedom of Information Act by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Institute was investigating the attacks. This video has again refueled the […]