Where To Place AdSense Ads For Earning The Highest Revenue?

I have seen Google AdSense ads placed at various spots on several sites, including spots that are known to have ad-blindness. In the case of WordPress sites, and other sites that use ready-to-use themes and templates, I find some typical patterns followed by publishers for placing ads. Whether webmasters knowingly do so or not, I […]

Browser Wars get Hotter

Now that all three major players have come out with their latest browser versions, the Battle of the Browsers has just flared up a little more. There is Google chrome version 10, Microsoft IE9 and the Mozilla firefox 4. And the initial outlook is that Microsoft have erred in leaving out the Windows XP users. […]

Nokia E7 – Latest smartphone

The much awaited Nokia E7 is finally out and we did a spec and feature search of this new smart phone which has been pitted against the likes of Samsung Galaxy,Htc touch,Sony’s Experia etc. It has got a 4″ AMOLED touchscreen display with clearback technology for outdoor viewing.Then there are Orientation sensor (Accelerometer), Compass (Magnetometer), […]

Google faces malware scare

Android, which had lately become the second most used mobile operating system in the world market and is bound to overtake Symbian has been lately found to be under malware attacks. It has been revealed that many Android apps may be sending personal information like IMEI numbers, phone numbers, E-mail addresses and other information to […]

Browser Wars

Internet browsers have become the most used application of an average computer user. Gone are the days when one had to be content with the default IE that came shipped with the windows OS . Not long time back IE boasted of about 60-70% usage share of the browsers.The latest figures show they have been […]

Migrating your blog to WordPress – video tutorial

Here is another very short YouTube video on how to move a blog, i.e., migrating your blog to WordPress from other blogging software such as TypePad or Blogger. Please note that you can find many tutorials like this on the Internet, and you will find many more articles posted by professional bloggers. The most important […]

Video: Blogger to WordPress migration

Here is a short but very lucid video clip by Amit Agarwal, one of the most successful blogger and the founder of Digital Inspiration. It explains how you can migrate your blog from Blogger (blogspot.com) to WordPress, without losing your Google juice, RSS readers, etc. For more clarity and step by step instructions go to […]

Get free reviews for your site

Yes, you read it right! I am interested in writing free reviews for your site or blog if your site is about technology including information technology (IT), and marketing, blogging, WordPress or other publishing platforms and content management systems, SEO, web-designing and related topics. If you are the owner or admin of any such blog […]

How to add Tweet Button from Twitter

Would you like to add the authentic, official Tweet Button from Twitter.com to your blog or website? It is the best choice if you want to avoid plugins that can increase your pages load time (increased page load time is not good for SEO) and eat up your server’s valuable storage space? If yes, this […]

How to beat the low-traffic syndrome?

Well, traffic is the life-force of any blog or site. It is especially so if you are a blogger and started blogging with dreams of building up a blog that is visited by a lot of people who are interested in the unique content that you create. Your enthusiasm may last a few days till […]