Wow!! a great mail alternative

screenshot of Mailinator free email service site

Screenshot of the site of Mailinator, the free email service

Many a time we are confronted with a situation where we are required to convey our email address to proceed with registering some service or freebies and you don’t want to give out your personal id since it means you are going to be bombarded with spams, ads and promotions. So what you require is a temporary email id where you can receive your token or confirmation mail and so on.

Here is Mailinator. Just enter whatever mail id you wish and you can login to that inbox at mailinator and you will have the mail token there! Yes you need not create any mail id or password or anything. Just put any random word as your id and login to that account. It’s a free service and do have some restrictions. Like any one can login to that id since no password is required. But that’s a small price for such an innovative service. Read out their FAQ for more info.