Merry Christmas!

Here is a video on December 25, the day on which Jesus Christ was born and the day on which the world celebrates Christmas. The video shows how a family sets up a Christmas tree and the family celebrates it. The first part of the video is rather unimpressive from the point of view of nature lovers, as cutting down of trees is not the real way to go about it. You can set up a natural Christmas tree from any twig or branch of a tree, or even buy or create your own Christmas tree from several other resources. But, now the trend seems to lean towards buying ready-to-use artificial Christmas trees. And it is a quite big business too, not only for the shops and dealers selling them, but for the creative thinking individuals and artists.

However, the importance here is not about how to have your Christmas tree, but on the historic, religious, and spiritual aspects of how you celebrate this memorable day of the year. So, Happy and Cheerful Christmas! Celebrate and enjoy!